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Company Secretary, Corporate Governance, Training.


Company Secretarial Services

From drafting agendas for board, board committees, shareholder and annual general meetings to preparation of meeting packs, attendance at meetings and preparation of minutes, the team at Luvivi has extensive experience in offering these services. Additional services include compilation of board and board committee year plans, setting up new board committees and guidance to boards and board committees on compliance with relevant statutory and governance requirements.

Statutory Services

At Luvivi we ensure that our clients can rely on us to update statutory information and/or documents, including maintenance of required statutory filings to regulators.
CIPC Submissions:
  • Registration and Deregistration of companies
  • Change of directorate, auditors, financial year end, address, etc
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Annual Compliance Checklist


    Customised Corporate Governance Training

    Modern trends in corporate governance guidelines require the induction and ongoing professional development of board members. Continuous development of the board’s knowledge, skills and experience is an essential part of an organisation’s responsibilities. Luvivi has expertise in providing tailor-made training for boards and senior management on corporate governance, internal controls and risk management. Our training offering is designed for boards of private companies, publicly quoted and public sector institutions as well as non-profit organisations.

    Director Development

    When organisations promote mid-career managers to executive positions or deploy executives to represent the organisation as non-executive directors in organisations in which they have invested, the change in role can be overwhelming and represents a vast change from their previous responsibilities. The executives are expected to “swim” in a fast-changing, often highly pressured environment that they have not been adequately prepared for. At Luvivi, our team has consultants who are former senior executives at blue-chip organisations and are experienced non-executive directors who understand what is required to continually develop directors and mentor new directors for their roles. Our development programme assists in ensuring that leaders become effective and gain the necessary confidence, notwithstanding an atmosphere of change and uncertainty. Development programmes are offered to executives, non-executive directors, company secretaries and chairpersons of boards and board committees.

    Company Secretary Development and Mentoring

    Governing bodies of organisations are relying more and more on the Company Secretary to advise them not only on their statutory duties under the law, disclosure obligations and listing rule requirements but also in respect of corporate governance requirements and practices and effective board processes. Accordingly, in order to be effective, a Company Secretary must remain at the forefront of global developments and best practice in corporate governance. This specialised role of the modern company secretary has emerged to be that of the key governance professional within organisations. Our development programme assists in ensuring that the office of the company secretary becomes effective and gains the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide sound advice to the organisation in respect of governance related matters. As part of assisting the office of the company secretary, we also offer advisory support whereby the company secretary can engage with any of our team of experts and get relevant clarification and recommendation on any governance related matters.


    Corporate Governance Review

    Luvivi provides detailed assessment of the organisation’s corporate governance structures and practices including on-site interviews. Assessed organisations are provided a tailored improvement plan that includes proposals to address corporate governance weaknesses and suggested methods for prioritisation of proposed improvements. We assess organisational needs and achievements in five key areas:
  • Commitment to good corporate governance
  • Board structure and functioning
  • Control environment
  • Transparency and disclosure
  • Shareholders and stakeholder relationships
  • Governance Framework and Policy Review

    Luvivi assists organisations by developing appropriate and fit for purpose governance frameworks in accordance with relevant legislation, agreements and best governance practices. The framework broadly outlines the structure, oversight, responsibilities, composition requirements, governance mechanisms, and reporting and disclosure procedures for governing bodies.

    Board Evaluation

    At Luvivi, we also understand the importance of an effective board evaluation process. King IV states that “the governing body should ensure that the evaluation of its own performance and that of its committees, its chair and its individual members, support continued improvement in its performance and effectiveness”. An evaluation is a critical component of good corporate governance and must accordingly not be conformance driven but performance oriented. A conformance driven evaluation promotes a “tick box” approach that merely ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. As part of committing to good governance practices, Luvivi assists organisations to assess how well their boards, collectively and individually as directors, are performing in relation to their statutory duties, as well as their contribution to the success of the organisation. To this end Luvivi has developed a secure web-based Luvivi Board Evaluation System. Respondents can access the evaluation on any device and at any location, once they have been authenticated. The best performing boards invest time and resources in their development, regularly review their performance in relation to their mandate and the best interest of their respective organisations and most importantly, taking the necessary corrective action where so required.

    Improving SMME Governance

    At Luvivi, we understand the peculiar SMME business realities, challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses. We therefore focus our service on a range of proven, fit for purpose and cost-effective corporate governance services that are tailored to individual client’s circumstances.
    Our team supports SMEs throughout the execution of the agreed corporate governance actions. We offer detailed SME support with focus on:
    Analysing and providing recommendations on SME governance practices
    Providing comprehensive governance training and workshops, including but not limited to the following topics:
  • Separation of business from founder/individual
  • Managing conflicts
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Professional management
  • Separation of business from founder/individual

  • Improving the Control and Business Environment

    The governance system and control environment of institutions need to be reviewed regularly, especially in the context of organisational change and other external and internal dynamics within the industry. We offer analysis of the company’s practices vis-à-vis its strategic aspirations, benchmark them against peer practices, and develop detailed recommendations followed by an action plan. Service listings include:
  • Document review of by-laws, charters and other documentation
  • Risk Governance/Enterprise Risk Management; and
  • Regulatory Compliance
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